About Lake Oswego and Portland, OR


There are currently 6 elementary schools in Lake Oswego.  They all have marvelous playgrounds, but Hallinan received a special grant from an alumni (person who graduated from there in the past) and has an amazing one.  Here are some pictures.  My family goes here on the weekends sometimes, for a change.

The six elementary schools feed into two junior high schools which start in grade 6:  Lakeridge Jr. High and Lake Oswego Jr. High.  Then these two feed into their respective high schools Lakeridge High School and Lake Oswego High School.   Lakeridge’s mascot is the Pacer and Lake Oswego’s is the Lakers.


What is there to do in Lake Oswego?


There are nine official parks in Lake Oswego.  They range in size.  Those with playstructures are:  Waluga Park East, Waluga Park West,  and Westridge Park.  Cook’s Butte is a big tree filled hiking park.  There are a lot of criss crossing trails to explore.  Millenium Plaza Park has two fountain pools, sits next to the lake and is urban.  It’s next to shops and restaurants.  It is where the Farmer’s Market is held in Lake Oswego every Saturday.  Finally, if you are a skateboarding lover, there is a great skate park for you.



Every sport imaginable is available to you:  Martial Arts, horseback riding, soccer, baseball and basketball, gymnastics and more.  Many are offered through the Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation.  Competitive sports are offered, of course by schools, but also though entities like the Lake Oswego Soccer Club.  Soccer is VERY big in Lake Oswego.



Lake Oswego has plenty of kid-friendly restaurants:   Pizza, burgers, Mexican and Italian and more.


Summer concerts

Every summer there are free concerts in the park.  Two of Lake Oswego’s parks are the locations for these fun, family friendly concerts.  There are cover bands which play popular music, jazz concerts, country and more.  Everyone brings a blanket and a picnic dinner.  Dancing and fun are key features!

Community Center for the Arts

This center is for creative folks.  You can take acting classes, dance classes and music classes.  The center also puts on plays in which you can take part!


Club Sport

This fitness club is great for parents and kids.  The outdoor pool is open in the summer and has a water slide.  There is a world class, HUGE, rock climbing wall and lots of classes and camps for kids to attend.  The indoor pool is open year round for fun in the water.


Luscher Farm

Once a dairy operation, Luscher Farm was purchased by the City of Lake Oswego in 1990.  The property and buildings are maintained as an agricultural example to educate interested visitors in local food and organic food production.  There are fun cooking classes you can take.


Out of Lake Oswego and into Portland


The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a fantastic place.  There are so many fun, hands on learning experiences.  There are core, unchanging exhibits, like an indoor playground, chemistry room and even one that let’s you experience what an earthquake feels like.  But best of all, are OMSI’s traveling exhibits which change every few months.  For example, an exhibit that shows what your body looks like without skin and a Sherlock Holmes exhibit where you have to figure out clues to a murder.  The museum has a planetarium where you can see shows about the stars and there is an IMAX theater that plays both popular movies and more science oriented movies like creatures of the deep ocean.


Evergreen Aviation Museum and Water Park

What started out as a museum, featuring “The Spruce Goose”, a huge wooden airplane that took only one flight, is now also a huge indoor water park.  There are three huge water slides, one of which starts inside a real Boeing 747 airplane.  There is a wave pool and lots of fountains to stand under.  Don’t get caught under the huge bucket that tips over once it’s full and surprisingly soaks everyone under it.


Portland Zoo

34 acres of animal bliss.  The zoo has summer camps you can attend and a wonderful train too!


World Forestry Center

This museum located next to the zoo educates its visitors about  the world’s forests and trees.  There are hands on exhibits and 3 tree farms to see.


Portland Children’s Museum

This interactive museum boasts a stage and dress up wear, a hands on water exhibit and more.  Great for kids up to about age 7.


Zip Lines

Tree to tree zip line park is just about 30 minutes from downtown Portland.  There are tall zip lines, and lower ones for those that aren’t as adventurous.  If you try it, you will get a huge thrill ride!



SCRAP is a donation-based creative reuse store where you can use recycled materials to make art and more.  It’s a great place for a rainy day.


Trails for hiking

Lake Oswego boarders a huge park called Tryon Creek.  This park has miles and miles of trails for you to run on and play in, while enjoying nature.  If you venture farther into Portland, there are unending hiking trails for you and your family to explore.


Mt Hood Adventure Park

This is about 1 hour from Portland.  It is an extreme adventure park with bungee jumping, alpine slides, big drops, high speeds, and hairpin turns.  The mountain has two ski areas and a snowboarding pipe.


The Beach

We are about an hour and a half from the beach.  Although the water is cold, it’s still fun to run around, throw a Frisbee or build a sand castle!